One thought on “Trust God in the Dark”

  1. Thank you so much for sending me the link to your blog and then I get lost clicking on the beautiful memes that lead to more topics I need to hear. I haven’t shared my story but I’m mentally in a dark place as I live a life of chronic autoimmune disease, end stage lung failure. I have layer around in depression and anger since my diagnosis which is about three years now. I looked around and realized that in my misery I am alone…friends and family have slowly crept away. I have my partner who has been here through it all but I can’t give her the love she deserves when I don’t love myself. I finally asked my friend to help me..I let the devil get in my head and work me over. She sends me uplifting quotes several times a day. It is going to take dedication to keep the dark thoughts and anger I feel out. I need to live in the moment and remember that this life is temporary and this body is just a vessel. I have not been thankful for my blessings or freedom and death is not a punishment for my bad choices but rest from the madness I call life.

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