“My HOPE is that I encourage you as I strive to follow Him.”

Hi there! Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Tina. I’m an IMPERFECT follower of Christ, but still loved and adopted by a Perfect King. I lived in upstate New York most of my life, but moved to the South in 2016. I’ve been married to my soulmate & best friend, Derek, since 2003. God has blessed us with two wonderful children (Barbara & Gavin).

Here is a short 6 minute video of GOD’S STORY and how He has been working in my life:

Or, you can CLICK HERE to read my full testimony.

God is teaching me that being a believer in a community setting is about fellowship, accountability, and most importantly, pointing each other back to the cross. Even if you don’t proclaim to know God, I want you to know that you are welcome here!

I’d love for you to jump in and interact:
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-Feel free to COMMENT with your thoughts on recent blog posts.
-Reach out and ASK questions or to request PRAYER.
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Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to connecting with you more over the coming months.

God bless,

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  1. Hi Tina, my name is Tyrone and I am from Edinburgh Scotland UK, I am early in the faith and was really touched by your video testimony, I came to the Lord in 2015 and then fell away from the faith, but our Lord never left me and I am now stronger and really blessed to have a better life in christ Jesus, and to be ready for my rehabilitation in my 20schemes churches establishment in paisley Glasgow “Haven Kilmacolm” on 27th November 2018 where I have been blessed with this opportunity to work and grow in the faith for however long it takes me!! With the spirit of christ Jesus our Lord’s guidance I will pull through and grow each day. Amen. . Thanks again for sharing, I will keep you updated on my future growth. Thanks again and bless you. Tyrone. .

    1. Matthew,

      For health related reasons, I’ve been very inactive with blogging and only now seeing your comment. Thank you for taking the time to stop by, read, and reply!

      God Bless,

  2. Hello Sister Tina, I am Sister Sujatha from India. I read your testimony, Your story touched my heart, Thanks for sharing with us. I am happy to connection to this great website. We will pray for you and your dear family. Please do pray for us and for our children ministry work in india. Thank you

    Sincerely yours
    Sister Sujatha
    website: http://unboundchildrenmin.weebly.com

    1. Sujatha, I am so happy to have you visiting all the way from India! Praise God that the story of Him working in my life has touched your heart. I will be praying for you and your children’s ministry at home. Blessings, Tina

  3. Tina, don’t ever allow anyone or the devil to sway you from sharing your testimony of how our precious Savior set you free. Even though I was raised in a loving, Christian home, I understand we all have things the Lord has delivered us from. The greatest thing we should do as brothers and sisters in Christ is to pray for one another. Anyone who has been born again and given their heart to Jesus Christ is a child of the Most High God, Abba Father, Daddy God. He loves us more than we can comprehend. He said come to me all who have heavy burdens and I will give you rest. I pray God’s strength and continued blessing to rest upon you, your family, and your ministry. May you grow stronger in the Lord and in the power of His might as you continue to seek His face. Be blessed today!

  4. Hi Tina,
    Thank you for sharing! You moved me to tears blessed sister.Yours is one great testimony and I could hear true joy (the type found only in knowing God)in your voice.Glory to God! God loves you and Derek so much. God bless you abundantly.

    1. To God be the glory indeed! He is my firm foundation, faithful and true. Thank you for your comment Gideon. Your words are an encouragement. Blessings, Tina

  5. God has blessed you so much! I pray that He keeps revealing more of Himself and of yourself to you everyday because God knows us better than we know ourselves and that He does this so that you can grow and become a messenger of His word,love,and grace through what He has done for you!

  6. Tina, I appreciate your testimony. I could relate to so much of it, and I am so thankful God has brought you to a place of peace and rest for your soul.
    I was also the victim of abuse growing up, and not believed. For years I felt like I deserved it based on what everyone told me. Because of “adoption issues” too, it took a long long time to really believe that God loved me, because of all the verses on Him adopting us in the Bible. However, God met me in Eastern Europe just after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and has led and guided me ever since, though I’ve gone on a few detours too over the years. He is ever faithful.

    1. I am so very sorry to hear you also experienced abuse, Kimberly. 🙁
      I know how hard it can be to trust again after such horrific experiences.
      Praise God for the work He has done in your heart and life. He is so very good!
      Thank you for visiting and sharing your redemption story.
      God bless,

  7. Tina,

    Your story is just beautiful. So reminds me of Isaiah 61 when God says I will restore the ancient ruins and places long devastated.
    God has made beauty from ashes girl. Keep speaking His truth and boldly declaring His goodness!

    1. Amen! We are so blessed to call Him Abba, Father. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I am blessed by your visit today, Holly. 🙂

  8. Thank you for sharing your testimony. It brought tears to my eyes as I realize I was also expecting God to reward me because of all the horrible things that happened to me in the past. You are a beautiful, courageous young lady and I am so blessed to have had you crossed my pathway in this life. God Bless.

    1. Shelley, Thank you for taking the time to view and reply. What a blessing to hear that God worked in your heart through my testimony. He is so good! Praying He continues to provide healing for you. Glad we connected! God bless, Tina

  9. Thank you woman of God for being vulnerable and sharing your story. Your story, like I certain all of ours, is a demonstration of how God works such ugly and painful things in our lives, out for good, to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. It is when we open ourselves up, going to that place of vulnerability, taking off all the mask, and coverings, that we truly are able to be used by God mightily to bless others. We all should share our stories from generation to generation of how God has brought us out of (Egypt) May God continue to pour into you, as you pour into others. I would love if when have time to take a look at my website http://www.morselsoftruth.com

    1. You are absolutely right, Sylvia. God works every ugly and painful thing in our life out for our good and His glory. Praising Him for that! Thank you for stopping by and sharing the link to your website (looks like a wonderful book). Glad to have connected with you on twitter as well. Have a blessed day!

  10. Oh sweet sister we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of the testimony. Thank you for being strong and of good courage to share this testimony. May God richly reward your obedience.

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Tyra! To God be the glory. In my weakness His power is made perfect. There is no credit I can take. Blessings!

  11. Tina…Thank you for sharing your story. I, too, was a victim of childhood molestation who understands the importance of letting others know that God can and will heal such a hurt, if we allow Him to. Continue to share Your/God’s story! You are necessary to the Body of Christ. So blessed to have met you…

    1. Oh Yolanda, I am so sorry to hear you also had to endure abuse. I know we only recently met, but I def see you as one of the strongest cheerleaders for the faith! God has certainly used a terrible situation to bring about good. We are so blessed to have such a faithful and unconditionally loving God who carries us in every season of life. God Bless!

  12. Tina your testimony is encouraging! You r a strong woman!! God has an individual plan for each person. He will come into your heart and commune with you.He will teach you and guide in the way you should go. Don’t try to be someone. Don’t try to do what someone else does. Just allow the Lord to show you how to fellowship with him. Then follow him step by step as he directs your life. He has been good to me. Everyday he is perfecting his will in my life and I always trust cos he never failed me yet!!! God has being with me through a lot in my life And through them all he has always been good and faithful to me!!! I pray that as we continue to avail ourselves to him, he will continue to reveal himself to us more and more. Remain blessed!!!

    1. Esther, Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. There are days I second guess if sharing how God is working in my life is something I’m meant to do. I start to compare myself to other bloggers and then harshly critique my novice writing and roughly put together site. The enemy can use that sinful nature as a way to insert fear and doubt when I know I should be looking to God for my identity and purpose.I love the reminder that He created each of us uniquely and appreciate your encouraging words that point me back to God’s grace. Have blessed day my friend!

  13. We watched your testimony and praise God Almighty for His Beloved Son JESUS Christ who delivered us from all evil and heals us for His Glory. Our website onewaytograce.com please click testimony time interview and be Blessed

  14. Tina,

    It took a lot of intestinal fortitude to document what has happened and share it with the world. You are a woman with a strong loving heart that (in my view) has always sought to make a positive impact in the lives of others. As painful as your ordeal has been, I hope it helps others toward a path of healing.

    Keep writing. Catharsis can be a very powerful medicine.

    Love ya,


  15. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful yes peace to those who rest in His favour my testimony will be up on my site by Sunday May God continue to bless you Tina the chains of the past broken is so liberating isn’t it

      1. Hey a few months ago i commented on your video testimony and you said you would love to see mine, well i finished a month ago


        Jacob Yardley

        My Testimony of finding God as a child, running away from Him and returning home To our Father
        Psalm 71:15-18 ESV
        “My mouth will tell of your righteous acts, of your deeds of salvation all the day, for their number is past my knowledge. With the mighty deeds of the Lord God I will come; I will remind them of your righteousness, yours alone. O God, from my youth you have taught me, and I still proclaim your wondrous deeds. So even to old age and grey hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.”
        My name is Jacob Philip Daniel Yardley. I am married to my Noble Blessing, Heidi Danielle & she would follow me into this world 2 years, 8 months and 18 days after I was born. I am sure I was doing a happy & joyful jig that day at almost 3 years of age without knowing why. I have two boys, Philip Gordon 21, Daniel Jacob 13 who by the way is not afraid to lie down with the lions and a beautiful daughter Emilie Teresa 16.
        Heidi & I would take the road less travelled until we met at 8:35 PM on the 4th of February 2004, a short 35 years, 5 months & 30 days later after my birth. I thank you God, His son whom He gave on the cross & the Holy Spirit for this gift.
        We attend Riverview Church http://www.riverviewchurch.com.au in Burswood, Perth, Western Australia. This house of love as we have come to call it, through God and His work, has been a place of healing & self-discovery. We have found so much love, patience, acceptance, help and just JOY, JOY, JOY here, thank you God.
        This is my testimony of how I came to the Lord, ran away from Him for many years until the 14th of November 2013 when my Father God put a man of God into my life again. I feel His words were “My son it’s time to come home, your days in the wilderness is breaking my heart son, come home”
        So begun an amazing journey from that day 577 days ago to now this night, 14th June 12015. I have been putting this off for a while and as God works, I think He was saying to me today as I thought of it once again. “Time to get it done Son” We were going to be picked up this afternoon for Church but that didn’t happen so HEY PRESTO, here I am listening to Hillsong 2003 Cornerstone concert at The Sydney Entertainment Centre typing away with a happy heart.
        John 3:16 says For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
        Look at those words in John 3:16, that God “SO LOVED” us he gave up his Son, our Lord Jesus. What a sacrifice eh, would you or do you know any person that would give up their child to die in such a way for me or you. I don’t think wearing the belt of truth I wouldn’t, I’m sorry to say.
        John 3:16 also says if you believe, you will have eternal life. God gives so much and he asks so little. What an amazing God my friends. God is love and love is God, it’s not that God needs us; it’s that he WANTS us, is not that the amazing thing. What better a way can you show love than to die for someone? THANK YOU GOD, THANK YOU JESUS.
        In God for a short period of time I found peace as a child but this was short lived. I was asked last year why did I run away from God at 10, my answer was very simple “Because the devil and his soldiers came back to play with me.”
        This is how I came to the Lord at the age of 9 after spending a year in a boy’s home, raped, tortured, beaten, locked in a cage under the house when you wet the bed. Those days, their water was my water, their food my food.
        After the boys home I started going to a church run youth group on Friday nights and I was one very angry boy. One Friday night once again after another fight with a few others boys Chris, who ran this Friday night church youth group from his home,found me bruised, beaten and screaming obscenities at these other boys who I had been in a fight with.
        I remember clearly that night as I went to run he grabbed me in a bear hug and held me tight. His words were “Jacob you’re an angry boy, why my son, why what’s going on in your life” I just fought him with all my strength screaming abuse at him but he held me firm.
        When I had calmed he put me down and said to me “come inside I want to give you something.” I followed him into his home and he gave me a tape, he said “Jacob listen to this and give it back to me next Friday.”
        That night I played this tape and I played it over and over all week. It was the story of a drunk and an addict an, an ex-Viet Nam vet who for entertainment spent his night beating up gay men. His story was about this night he was drunk and found this gay man on his way home. He beat him up and this man just kept getting up and saying “I forgive you because my Father God forgives you; I love you for He loves you.”
        His attacker just kept saying “don’t get up, you’ll get more” but he just did every time, repeating the same words. I remember like today His voice on the tape in his mind this last time he hit this gay man so hard it just smashed up his face, broken jaw, nose, his face was a mess.
        But the gay man got up again and said the same words through his smashed face. So this guy just gave him one last whack so he wouldn’t get up, and he didn’t. He left him there; face smashed in in a pool of blood and walked off home.
        Early that morning he broke down crawled into his closest of all places in the darkness and said these words ‘God forgive me PLEASE MAKE ME LIKE HIM” Profound eh!! This man I am not sure of his name but I believe he went on to be a Pastor. I have searched high and low for his name or anything about him but to no avail.
        I listened to this man’s testimony on tape all week and Thursday night or the early hours of the morning I can’t remember but I too crawled out of bed and went into MY closet and through my tears I said “GOD PLEASE MAKE ME LIKE HIM”
        The next night as I walked up to Chris he said “did you listen to the tape I gave you Jacob” I said “yes Chris” he said “did it help you son” The tears just started flowing and I said these words “Chris please make me like him” He spent most of that night with me asked me many times what was going on in my life but I couldn’t answer. It would be 28 years before I would in a broken state, a drug fuelled day, to burst into tears and tell for the 1st time someone what that was that I was such an angry boy. That person is my wife my Noble Blessing Heidi. I thank you Father for that gift, that blessing your daughter.
        Chris that night spoke of Jesus and that he would carry me through life, he would heal me, he would teach me to forgive those that hurt me. At the end of that night he asked me if I would like to be baptised. I said “yes. MAKE ME LIKE HIM”
        So two days later in the morning he picked me up and we went up to a lake nearby and he baptised me. I will never forget it standing in the cold water as it was the holidays, people watching and laughing I looked up at Chris and he said “Do you believe Jesus died for you on the cross, will you follow Jesus for the rest of your days” I just said “yes please Make ME LIKE HIM” and down and under I went, up I came smiling like a Cheshire cat.
        For the next 12 months or so I went to bible study with adults like Chris twice a week and church every Sunday. It was awesome I had peace from what was going on in my life; I immersed myself in His word. I knew the name every book in His book of love.
        When I was ten my birth father used to take us all weekend to a nudist beach. (It was one of his hunting grounds, just as the church was) During the day one of these weekends, I was caught and raped by a fat hairy man up in the sand dunes. So after this day I packed up my bags and ran from my heavenly Father as far as I could. I lost my faith; I took on the well-known and said mantra its all bull, if there is a God how could he let this happen to me again. My sister said these same things a few months ago, mocking my faith in a God.
        There began my many years lost in the wilderness. In 2001 Chris was living up the rd from me and he asked me if I would come to church again as he had found this new church and it wasn’t like any other. They had a band and the sermons were amazing. I said Chris I respect your faith but I don’t and NEVER will believe again. It’s all false and not for me, this church was RIVERVIEW.
        The significance of the name of this church I will get to later. I’m sure all who read this will smile at the way our Father works. Father God as I write this I have the Holy Spirit rocking in me, tingles, good feeling, smiling. I thank you Lord Jesus for walking with and carrying me all these years.
        I lost contact with Chris then until 3 weeks before we were baptised at Riverview on Easter Sunday 2014, I had been trying desperately for 6 months to find him to tell him I had come home to my father. I had given up and said to Heidi we have learnt to just ask Him and you shall receive. So I prayed for help in finding Chris. 10 minutes later on FB I got a message from his ex-wife who hadn’t been on Facebook in months and found my message I had sent her in December, asking for his phone number. How great is our God, all in His timing!
        I rang him & told him all, even admitted I was high and had just had a huge hit with the needle & I remember him sobbing for me. Weeks later he drove 1300 km’s to see us get baptised at Riverview Church then spent Easter Sunday with a roast at our home in fellowship. Beautiful
        On the 15th of November 2013 we met a man at the casino. He was one of the 1st in so many years i let into my space let alone spend 3 days with us; he was a singer and guitar player.
        His name is Stephen; we spent that time over those days getting high going back to the casino to lose more money, spent many hours listening to him sing and play in-between him listening to my story of the past ten years. I must add nobody knew except God and my blessing my Noble wife Heidi the things in this letter. I kept those things out of my talks with him; it was mainly about the last ten years.
        And Saturday morning he said “Guys I am going away for the day and I will be back tonight. I will have something for you.” He came back that night we all got high again and in the early hours of the morning I put the radio on, it was JJJ FM and I heard the announcer say this “This is Rosie and let’s get started we will be here with you until to the end until it’s done however long it takes, so let’s get started eh,”
        Drug fuelled audio delusions, or God speaking to me, who knows. Though I stopped in the kitchen looked over at Stephen he was leaning against the wall with an IPad now in his hands. He said “bro have look at this” I walked over and on it was hundreds of scriptures, he just started rolling the screen and bang stooped at one and said “ Take a look at this Brother, Psalms 23 “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. 2 He maketh me to lie down in green [1] pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. 3 He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. 4 Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. 6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.
        Now I hadn’t spoken over these days at all about God or faith I didn’t even know he was a man of God, Heidi said later she picked up on a few things he had said over these days. I never told him of my past as a child. The amazing thing was the two scriptures I have kept with me all these years since running away from my Father God is Psalms 23 and John 3:16.
        Over the course of the night he just kept showing me scripture after scripture and they all were a defining answer to the ones I had cried out to God all these years. In 2004/ 06 hile an addict, I always screamed out to God “Please put a human being in my path and give him the answers to all I need Please”
        That night he delivered what I had been pleading for. I got through these scriptures that night all the answers I had screamed out for, delivered by a HUMAN as I had asked for. So started my healing and recovery, my renewal of my faith, my new mind, and my new body!! THANK YOU GOD
        As the sun came up Stephen said “Brother, will you come to the temple with me this morning” and that is when I said, “Oh no way I can’t go into church I ,am an addict I am high, I have been sticking a needle in my arm for 5 days not slept or eaten, how can I go in like that. His reply was “Jacob who better to bring an addict back into the house of the lord than another addict”
        The feeling I got after this night cannot be explained I was in the shower and I just went to swear, I couldn’t and I couldn’t swear for about 3 days it just wouldn’t come out. I had this feeling of a new life, a new future but was petrified of going back to church.
        As we got out of the car 40 minutes late for the 11am service at Riverview Church on the 17th of November I was fighting the intense urge to run for the hills. I believed I was entering the enemy’s camp. Just up at the threshold I was turning to bolt when this man put his hand out shook my hand and said. “Welcome back to church Jacob”
        Once again drugs fuelled audio delusions or God putting those words in my ears to get me over the line but I thank Him for that humble volunteer who welcomed me with a warm hand shake and for me those profound words “welcome BACK to church JACOB”
        We sat up the back; I just sat their sobbing so hard it was hard to breath. I was in a bad state, physically & mentally. At the end of the service the senior Pastor Haydn Nelson was saying that he is going to say a prayer and if you are new to, have RETURNED to church after many years or exploring the idea of this faith, while every head is bowed put your hand up so I can see you and include you in this prayer.
        When he started saying this I noticed even in my state that this man I did not know, was getting emotional and at the end before saying this pray as my hand went up he had got to the point in front of over 1000 people he was just completely sobbing.
        I leaned over to Stephan and said “bro I think those tears are for me” he replied “yes Jacob they are for you, he feels your pain, but happy tears that you have returned home to our Father” So what did I do? I cried like a baby even harder.
        When Haydn started saying this prayer I was included Stephan leaned over and said “Brother stop mumbling, listen to what the man is saying” My reply, “I am not mumbling, I am saying his words before they come out of his mouth” and I was, as God is my witness to this.
        Two weeks later I bailed Haydn Nelson up on stage after church and introduced myself, I talked about those tear, that sobbing and asked were they for me. “yes Jacob they were for you” I said thank you but I am going into a private clinic to deal with a few issues but I don’t think I will be back, as I truly believe evil has been done in God’s name to get me back to church.
        He looked puzzled at this and said that when I get out please ring the office of Riverview and make a time to see him. I will sit down and spent some time with you going over this belief you have. I never did make that appointment. I just came to Church, that’s where I received more answers.
        Each and EVERY sermon at this place we call Gods big house of love we feel has been just for us, in the moment and 100% at all times related to what we were or are doing or going through, at that point in time. Isn’t He amazing how he works like this to deliver His message to us all? God works in and through all things or people to get the message to those that need it. Amen.
        I am a new creation, THANK YOU GOD!! I truly am a new creation with a new mind; new spirit (The Holy Spirit) & I pray you will take this Testimony for what it is, of how I came to, from and back to God.
        There is so much more to the testimony of my life so far I feel. My book will tell my life story, but this testimony is simply about God NEVER giving up on one of His children.

        Jacob Yardley
        [email protected]
        +61 450 878 522

        1. I am so happy to hear how God has been working in your life, Jacob! Thank you for taking the time to share your testimony with me and all of the “Hope Anchors the Soul” readers. 🙂

  16. Hello Tina Marie, I couldn’t resist. We have a radio program at http://www.godstoriesradio.com and after viewing/listening to your video testimony we would love to have you on as a call in testimony. Check out our website we usually instruct any guest to listen to sessions 1 & 4 to let them know the where and what. Please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.
    God Bless,
    Mike Jewett Sr

    1. Michael, thank you for taking the time to watch and reply. I appreciate the potential opportunity to share all that God has been doing in my life. I’ll take a look at your site and listen to the sessions you mentioned. Have a blessed week!

  17. So sorry my reception won’t let me download your video, maybe when in town later. Just wanted to share as I looked at this blank black void, I couldn’t help but think that was me, my heart dark hole until I finally met My Master! Praise God He washed that black heart to snow white, & He cracked that stoney heart to reveal Who He always knew I could be. HE’s now in me and I am in Him & we are One! I am made new. Am I perfect not until I am glorified, but I shall continue to strive for HIS Glory. God Bless You, I will check out your testimony later. Look forward to seeing it. Sometime I’ll share my story. GOD has been far too good to me cause He has had HIS hand on me from the time I was in my mother’s womb. Praise God!

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing Darla. Praise God for his unfailing love! What others mean for evil, He uses for our good and His glory (Genesis 50:20).

    2. amen brethren. that is the only perfect place and being for all humanity and for eternity. Blessing God always in Jesus Christ.

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